Die-Nasty Season 21
Viva Italia: The Portabella D’Nacci House of Fashion
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Ciao e Benvenuto to the 21st season of Die-Nasty!  

This year finds us in the land of Vespas and espressos: Italy in the 1960's at the fashion house of Portabella Di'Nacci.

Tempermental Designers! Tempermental Photographers! Tempermental Models! Tempermental Family Members!  

It’s LUST and LOVE under a hot Italian sun!


Leona Brausen as Portabella D’Nacci (the Goddess of Italian Fashion)
Stephanie Wolfe as Maria Rosa D’Nacci (her sister, a model and sock designer)
Peter Brown as Paparrazzo D.Nacci (their borther; a photographer)
Sheri Somerville as Valentina Gucci Pucci D’Nacci (his very wealthy wife & #1 client)
Dana Andersen as Cary Grant (the movie star!)
Davina Stewart as Sophia Lollabrigida (Portabella’s executive assistant)
Jeff Haslam as Poni (D’Nacci’s newest acquisition; brilliant Parisian designer)
Jamie Cavanaugh as Hugo Dior (Poni’s assistant, model and protegé)
Kory Mathewson as Mario Luigi (D’Nacci Handyman)
Tom Edwards as Giorgio Pomporossi (Fabric tycoon and D’Nacci supplier)
Mark Meer as Dr. Bueno Excellenté (D’Nacci family meta-physician)
Belinda Cornish as Beretta Ferrari (his wife & editor of HAUTE-HAUTE magazine)
Donovan Workun as Archimedes Oasis (Import/Export Magnate)
Matt Alden as Chadwick Socrates (Number One D’Nacci Super-Model; a Winnipeger)
Vincent Forcier as Christo Ball (Mostly mute family chauffeur; secretly a Texan)

Directed by Cathleen Rootsaert
Music by Paul Morgan Donald & Jan Randall
Lights and Sounds by Brad Fischer
Produced by Nicole Thibault