DIE-NASTY! 2009/2010

Their credo was Obscure, their God was Inattentive…they called themselves


In 1951 Ridge Wyatt (Jeff Haslam) lived wild and free on the road as part of The Die Hards, an infamous biker gang that tore across the continent spreading vague anxiousness, indifferent horror, and so-so poetry. There was cell-block terror “Chippy” (Leona Brausen), tough-as-tar “Black Betty” (Sheri Somerville), soul sisters “Scar” (Stephanie Wolfe) and “Nails” (Belinda Cornish), coltish nightmare “Pony Soda” (Matt Alden), road taught sweetheart “Candy Cave” (Davina Stewart) and the boss-man of ‘em all “Beef Manpile” (Donovan Workun). Then Ridge fell in love, went straight, joined the establishment… quit the gang. Now it’s 1960. And the past has come back to haunt. His wife is dead and his daughter… KIDNAPPED!

But Ridge doesn’t turn to the cops… he turns back to THE DIE HARDS.

Chopper engines and bongo drums…

It’s camp, it’s cult, it’s the wild wild west on wheels

Die-Nasty goes on a


Join Dana Andersen (director), Cathleen Rootsaert (Shaksky Upsky), Stephanie Wolfe (Scar), Leona Brausen (Chippy), Jeff Haslam  (Ridge Wyatt), Mark Meer (Fisher T. Johnson), Donovan Workun (Beef Manpile), Sheri Somerville (Black Betty), Tom Edwards (Jazz Hands), Davina Stewart (Candy Cave), Belinda Cornish (Nails), Matt Alden (Pony Soda and Grandpa Roachclip), Peter Brown (Bongo!), Kory Mathewson (Rusty Carsky), Julien Arnold (Housky Carsky), Paul Morgan Donald (musical director), Jan “Chips” Randall (keyboards) and Brad Fischer (technical director) for the 19th season of Die-Nasty

with special guests

Jamie Cavanaugh

Aimee Beaudoin

Joleen Ballendine

Howie Miller

Vincent Forcier

Jamie Cavanaugh

Lorne Cardinal

Craig Lauzon

Kristen Padayas


Joe Flaherty


Bridge Wyatt

Opening: Monday October 19, 2009 @ ***7:30pm***new time! and playing every Monday night at 7:30

through May 31, 2010!

Where: The Varscona Theatre – 10329, 83 Avenue

Tix and memberships available at the door

Tickets: $10

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